Our History:

Haddenham Players started life in 1977 with 28 members. The first Chair, Mrs. Geraldine Newman, presided at the inaugural meeting and Haddenham AD ‘77 was born. Mrs Sybil was the first producer of the group, which had evolved from local drama evening classes.
Later the group adopted the name "Haddenham Players" and, under the chairmanship of Valerie Hawkins, expanded the range of productions from the initial reviews and Pantomimes. Margaret Watkins, who had joined on retiring from teaching in 1995, assisted Valerie and started to produce shows for the Players annually, starting with "Toad of Toad Hall”. Following the tragic death of Valerie Hawkins in 2000 Margaret became Chairman of Haddenham Players, a post she held until 2009, whilst continuing to produce a wide range of plays and shows.
In recent years Haddenham Players have mounted productions that encouraged participation of many local people and children talents to augment  the talents of the players themselves. The range of productions also became more ambitious, Involving music, dance and drama. 
Early Productions such as "Toad of Toad Hall” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” encouraged the talents of many adults and children who had never been on the stage in public before. The Involvement of the children was so successful that a separate 'Youth Theatre' was formed in 2005 under the leadership of Lynne Colley and continues to develop the talents of the younger Players to this day.
Community theatre is an important part of The Haddenham Players. In 2009 Margaret Watkins co-produced "The Haddenham Murder Mystery of 1828", along with the Haddenham Museum and involved villagers of all ages and experience. The Players were Involved in another major community venture in 2014. Margaret Watkins' last play, which she both wrote and produced, was based on her research into the log book entries for St Mary's Church of England School between 1914 and 1918. The action of the play was set in the school (still in use as the St Mary's Centre) and followed the lives of the children, the teachers, the villagers and the world at large during World War One. 
When Margaret stepped down, Kim Biddulph became chairman of Haddenham Players in July 2009. Her first production was a pantomime, 'Robin Hood', written by her husband. It was to be the first of several annual Pantomimes and written by Edward and Kim. Kim completed her time as Chair of Haddenham Players in July 2014 after a successful run of plays Which included "Outside Edge”,” Rebecca” and various one act plays presented for the Bierton Drama Festival. The office of Chairman rotated amongst the Committee for two years during which time there were several productions, Including "The Three Musketeers", "Miss Glossop comes to Tea", "Dangerous Corner", to name a few. 

Our latest breakthrough:

The current Chairman, Mike Sullivan, has started his term with "Dangerous Corner" and "Trivial Pursuits" a comedy in which he starred. This was followed by a Variety Show ("One Night Stand") and Followed up with the pantomime Snow White' in February 2017. He alongside a volunteer committee, is helping to develop an annual cycle of productions. These include: The Panto, an annual Play and the variety show “One Night”. He is currently in his 5th year as Chairman and is continuing to help the players go from strngth to strength. 

Meet The Team
Mike Sullivan
Mike joined Haddenham Players in early 2015 to play the cad, Charles Stanton in “Dangerous Corners”, followed by a rather camp Teddy in “Trivial Pursuits” and the outrageous Dame in our blockbuster 2017 Panto “Snow White”. 
Outside of the Players, Mike runs his own business delivering management Training courses worldwide and a UK based life coaching business.
Should you ever wish to contact Mike directly with an equiry he is always happy to listen.
Mikes personal Players email is: [email protected] 
James Kershaw
James joined the Players in 2015 after having worked on other ametur productions over the past 6 years for various other companies, with roles ranging from Bob Cratchit to King Macbeth. 
James is currently a training teacher in Aylesbury, but spends his evenings keeping the Players up to date online. Many of you may recognise James best as the 'young man who looks silly' at many Haddenham events.
Graham Stoney
Graham has been a member of Haddenham Players or many years and now works as our social liaison to all the business and gropus around Haddenham.  
Graham describes himself as an ex- shopkeeper , ex- banker, ex- hotelier! Who has spent twenty years doing Am- Dram, but is still waiting for his big break. Graham considers himself very quiet and ordinary- looking but safe and friendly. He loves pantos. His age?  Little.  His experience?  Lots. 
Social liaison
Hannah Austin
Hannah first appeared in a players show in 2000 (Mother Goose!) and has been on the committee since 2015. Hannah describes herself as a current Civil Servant and frustrated former dancer, she has previously organised the Variety Show and appeared in Panto and Plays in recent years. 
Hannah can also be found choreographing for Haddenham Youth Theatre and helping with the 3rd Haddenham Brownies. 

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Additional Committee members

Rebecca Taylor
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Evelyn Daley
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Joe Bloggs
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Rebbecca joined Haddenham Players in 2016 after having run a theatre group in Aylesbury. During the day, Rebbecca is a piano & singing teacher, who writes plays & musicals for a hobby. Rebecca continues to write, produce, direct and perform, and is never too far away from ‘the next idea’. Rebbecca may be best known to many as the Wicked Queen from 2017's Panto, Snow White.
Evelyn is cat mad bookkeeper with lots of fundraising experience. Evelyn enjoys going to the theater and wanted to support a local group so joined Haddenham Players in 2016, coming on board and helping run the 2017 Panto Snow White. Evelyn has yet to appear on stage for the Players but is an essential part of our backstage and front of house teams. 
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Linda Axeford

Lynne Colley


Well known to many in Haddenham, Linda has starred in and directed many a production for Haddenham Players. her most recent sucesses include the 2017 Panto, Snow White and she is set to direct our next pantomime production, Robin Hood in 2018. 
Lynne is well known for her work with Haddenham Youth Theatre and has assisted us on a few occasions. More recently she directed our productionof Trivial persuits in 2015.
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